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Related post: Njassi (Bo). 2. ECOLOGY AND DISTRIBUTION Lonchocarpus sericeus occurs in Albendazole Brand Name coastal Zentel Albendazole savanna woodlands; it is fairly common in fringe and transition forests, usually near water. In Ghana it is found throughout the high forest zone as well as in the Volta Region and in neighbouring Togo. It is sometimes used as a shade tree in gardens and Albendazole India cemetries. It regenerates freely from seeds. Lonchocarpus is fairly tolerant of climatic and edaphic conditions and is able to withstand fairly long periods of drought provided Albendazole Canada soil conditions are favourable. It thrives at temperatures between 25 and 35 and with an annual rainfall of not less than 900mm. It is a lowland tree. It is a West African species, native to Senegal, Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ivory Albendazole 400 Mg Coast, Ghana, Dahomey, Nigeria, Fernando Po and Cameroon. It has been introduced elsewhere in tropical Africa, also in tropical America and the West Indies, where it is reported to have naturalized (see distribution map). 3. DESCRIPTION A tree 12-15m high, 1.2-1. Albendazole Sulfoxide 4m in diameter; bark greyish, fairly smooth, slash yellowish-brown with reddish streaks; sometimes branching low-down; twigs and young shoots covered with brownish velvety hairs. Leaves imparipinnate with 3-5 pairs of opposite leaflets, stipules inconspicuous and soon falling; rachis 10-20cm long; leaflets increasing, in size towards the terminal leaflet, ovate-elliptic or elliptic, 6- 14cm long, 3 -9 cm wide, apex shortly or bluntly acuminate, base rounded to broadly cuneate or subcordate, margins entire or slightly wavy, glabrous above, pusbescent below, midrib prominent below, lateral nerves 6-10 pairs, upcurving, slightly compressed above, Albendazole 400 prominent Buy Albendazole below; petiolules 5 -8mm long. Inflorescence in conspicuous axillary, pedulous racemes towards the end of shoots; pedicels usually paired, short, hairy. Flowers pale purple or lilac, calyx broadly cup-shaped, 5mm long, lobes obscure, densely hairy; standard petal suborbicular, 12-20mm long, densely silky outside; stamens about 12mm long, united into a tube. Fruits flattened indehiscent pods, clustered, persistent, 5-15cm long, about 1.5cm wide, irregularly constricted between the seeds and more or less twisted, both Albendazole Uses ends acute, margins thickened, the upper margin with a narrow crest but not winged, rusty pubescent, calyx remains persistent. Seeds oblong-kidney-shaped, reddish-brown, about 7mm long, 5mm wide. Commonly flowering in the deciduous state when it is usually Albendazole Tablet easily recognized by its showy pale purple or lilac, fragrant flowers. These may sometimes be mistaken for Millettia thonningii (Schum. & Thonn.) Bak. , from which it may best be distinguished by Ivermectin Albendazole the fruits, which are indehiscent in Lonchocarpus and dehiscent in Millettia. The tree is deciduous during the dry season, which in Ghana is between December and February. The flowering periods are between December and February and April to July. Fruiting is from November to May with the pods hanging on the tree for a long time before falling. - 122 - 4. ESTABLISHED MODERN PHARMACEUTICAL USES In Tropical America the tree is quoted as an insecticidal plant. It Albendazole Praziquantel appears Lonchocarpus sericeus has not been studied chemically in Ghana, but it is popularly known that most of the Lonchocarpus species, especially L. urucu in Brazil and L. Albendazole Albenza utilis in Peru are a source of Rotenone, a compound which is used universally as an insecticide also present in L. sericeus (Oliver, 1960). The dried roots are powdered and mixed with clay for dusting or mixed with liquid for spraying. 5. FOLK MEDICINAL USES In Nigeria the bark is often applied as a lotion in the treatment of convulsion and backache, while it is also applied in Ghana for parasitic skin conditions and eruptions. The bark is employed throughout the area of distribution as a stomachic and laxative for children. In Ghana an infusion of the bark mixed with lime Mebendazole Albendazole is applied as a bath for the cure of biliousness and fever in children. Part of the liquid is also administered orally in small doses for the same illness. (Traditional medicine). According to Dalziel (1937), Lonchocarpus spp. are used as a medicine for horses. 6. MAJOR CHEMICAL CONSTITUENTS AND MEDICINAL PRODUCTS Castagne (1946), isolated "lonchocarpine" from the plant. Albendazole Uk A yellowish-orange dye or resin occurs in the seeds and the fruit is considered to be a violent poison in Casamance (Aubreville, 1936). A green dye can be obtained from the bark (Irvine, 1961). It has been used as a fish poison (Kerharo Albendazole Ivermectin and Bouquet, 1950). Lonchocarpus species have an extensive folklore in the Caribbean region as fish poison, almost certainly due to the presence of Rotenone. (Commonwealth Science Council) Leaves and bark contain 2-6% rotenone (Oliver, 1960). 7. HARVESTING, CONSERVING AND PREPARATION The bark is obtainable by slashing or peeling with a cutlass. The leaves and the fruits Albendazole Tablets Ip can be collected from the tree by climbing as it often branches low down. In Ghana medicinal plant materials are usually preserved by Albendazole Msds drying them in the sun and keeping them in paper bags or light Albendazole Buy wrappers. The plant parts are sometimes pounded into powder form. Extraction of medicinal properties is effected by boiling or steeping in water. 8. ECONOMICS AND MARKETING The tree yields valuable timber. Although it is not one of the exploited species in Ghana at the moment, probably because of the size, it has a potential as a commercial wood. The insecticide in the plant may also be of potential value. - 123 - 9. SILVICS Lonchocarpus sericeus thrives on wet areas and along river banks. It regenerates itself satisfactorily on favourable sites and can be propagated by seeds. It has been grown as a shade tree in villages, gardens and cemetries but has not been cultivated in plantations in Albendazole Zentel Ghana. 10. MAJOR DISEASES
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